about section                                   I’m a bit narcissist here, but is the best portrait  I’ve got!


Hey I’m Maricel but the real name is far too long Maria Celia Dragan Coniberti……what??? It hardly fits on College forms.

I was born in Rio Gallegos, a small city in the deepest of Patagonia, almost at the verge of the Americas.

I lived in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Malaga, Barcelona, London, Cambridge, Mexico City, Tepoztlán, Brighton and Worthing.

I travelled around Morocco, hitchhiked throughout Europe and got lost in Uruguay.

I have a Media Award in Photojournalism from the London College of Communication, and surprisingly I was finalist at the AOP Open Awards.

The year 2012 I finished my degree in Film Studies and History and I went with a huge project I was part of, to the Olympic Games Cultural Programme.

Ho no….. I haven’t run any marathon just yet.

  I  had my first solo exhibition on the theme City Lights in Mexico City. I fell in love with Mexico, I hope to come back some day.

In 2014, I went to the Ojo de Pez photo meeting Barcelona.

Eventually, I moved back to Great Britain where I work, eat and live.

I speak English, Spanish and Italian and when I’m angry or anxious I speak them all at the same time. Which makes a unique language.

Last year, I was at the Brighton Photo Fringe with my Trash. I mean the name of the project was “Trash”.


This site was intended to be a recount of the places I’ve been. Over the years, it went through several mutations, finally slitsight was born. Here, I write about creativity, culture, tech and life.

I really hope you find something inspiring here ☺️