about section                                   I’m a bit narcissist here, but is the best portrait  I got!


Hey I’m Maricel but the real name is far too long Maria Celia Dragan Coniberti……what??? It hardly fits on College forms.

I was born in Rio Gallegos, a small city in the deepest of Patagonia, almost at the verge of the Americas.

I lived in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Malaga, Barcelona, London, Cambridge, Mexico City, Tepoztlán, Brighton and Worthing.

I travelled around Morocco, hitchhiked throughout Europe and got lost in Uruguay.

I have a Media Award in Photojournalism from the London College of Communication, and surprisingly I was finalist at the AOP Open Awards.

The year 2012 I finished my degree in Film Studies and History and I went with a huge project I was part of, to the Olympic Games Cultural Programme.

Ho no….. I haven’t run any marathon just yet.

  I  had my first solo exhibition on the theme City Lights in Mexico City. I fell in love with Mexico, I hope to come back some day.

In 2014, I went to the Ojo de Pez photo meeting Barcelona.

Eventually, I moved back to Great Britain where I work, eat and live.

I speak English, Spanish and Italian and when I’m angry or anxious I speak them all at the same time. Which makes a unique language.

Last year, I was at the Brighton Photo Fringe with my Trash. I mean the name of the project was “Trash”.


This site was intended to be a recount of the places I’ve been. Over the years, it went through several mutations, finally slitsight was born. Here, I write about creativity, culture, tech and life.

I really hope you find something inspiring here ☺️