A Taste for Vintage

Vintage photography is coming back!  every single app or editing suit provides sepia and monochrome filters alongside the primary colours, giving users the chance of converting random images  into more subtle versions.Ordinary pictures become awesome reproductions after a magic touch has been applied. These soft tones drag the viewer to a past that does not exist and is the antithesis of a garish present that perhaps has more to do with the rush of everyday  life. Of course there are the actual vintage pictures that tell a lot about the past and those pictures made in the present with a vintage look. The former are spontaneous and were taken without consciousness of its later value ( simply family pictures) the latter are the modern cry for nostalgia. Either way presents the ordinary with a dash of mystery: an untold story lie underneath the image.
I found this picture in my mum’s chest of drawers. From left to right  my mum, her brother, her mother and her father were enjoying a summer holidays in the seaside resort of Mar del Plata in the Buenos Aires province of Argentina. The picture was taken in the 1960’s, and for a moment I was taken to a past I’ve never been. My beautiful mum was full of happiness under the 60’s sunshine, but also the waves crashing in suggest that times were about to change. Vintage is the old that never left or in my case I don’t want to put aside,  some sort of beautiful treasures. This is my favourite vintage photograph.