8 Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now

8 side hustle ideas


As a creative I have tons of side projects ideas. But ideas come and go, you need to experiment to be able to see what works and what doesn’t.  And even if things don’t work, you’ve learned few lessons.

I know, it can be hard to pick the right idea. How do you know which one to go for?

Kill your ideas! The best way is to try. Start small and see how far you can go.

At the moment I’m organising a photo walk, I’ve been thinking on this idea for a while. I don’t know how’s  going to turn out, but if I don’t try I’ll never know.

 Chris Guillebeau tells how ” choose an idea in the most methodical way”.

Of-course, not every case is similar. You may need to make money right now, so passion can hold you back. It’s ok not to feel fully passionate about an idea.

You don’t have to follow the “passion myth” all the time. Sometimes, you have to be practical and think on something others will want.

I rather follow my instincts, they are not always 100% right..but….

Said you’re thinking about a side hustle, but not sure on the product/service. Here few ideas  you can start right now.

8 side hustle ideas you can start right now


1) Photo Walk

Organise a photo walk in your town, this is what I’m doing at the moment.

Photo Tour

This time of the year  is  the perfect time to experiment with all kinds of outdoor activities. Photo walks, mini photo tours, city tours, wine testing tours, you name it.

Sites like Virgin Experiences or Vayable offer tours “experiences” to anyone interested . You can sell your tour through these sites. But to be honest you don’t need a middle man to organise a mini tour.

They may have more coverage, but nowadays with a bit of social media and a bunch of flyers there is nothing you can’t test.

2) Content writing services

I did this for free and paid. If you have a blog probably you’re quite good on making content, brainstorming ideas and designing blog posts.

As content marketing is becoming  popular, companies don’t have the time to write blog posts, so content writers are on high demand.

The best thing to do is cold e-mail  business and offer your services.

Forget the contest websites, you’ll have to compete with tons of hungry content writers ready to offer their services for less than a cup of coffee.

Contact  PR departments, or magazine editors and tell them what you can do. You need to do a bit of research beforehand.

3) Pop up Restaurant

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay to offer delicious food! cook your specialité, set up a pop up restaurant and voilá. The pop up format is kind of flexible and open to everybody.

People from all over the world self-organise food events. It doesn’t need to be in your home, you can offer food in parks, community centres, clubs, wherever is best for you.

Think about your most delicious plate. Anyway, if they complain you won’t be there the next day. ( just kidding!)

4) Dog Walking

This is the most simple service ever. if you’ve a natural passion for animals this is the right hustle.

Tons of websites offer dog walking and pet sitting. You  only need to register to start offering your  services. Social media sites are great channels to tell people what you do.

Post your service rates, and see if anyone contacts you.

This is quite handy for busy people who don’t have the time to take their beloved pets out.

5) Teach Something

These days  you can teach anything  either in person or through a video tutorials. How to e-books are hot at the moment. It can be anything from how to paint your nails to how to repair shoes. The more niche the better.

Market yourself through other people’s blogs, influences, social media or  ad-words. I’m learning the ins and outs of marketing, I was (am) rubbish at it. Customers should be able to find you right?


side hustles

Some useful websites to get you started:






Create your own course with your own branded website




6) Helper

You could set a helping service for busy people, like a virtual assistant or personal laundry (  grab that idea!). People may don’t have time to do the laundry, so you can offer laundry services in your area. This is a simple way of making few bucks.

Focus on the busy people in your neighbourhood and think what they need. Test, test, test. People are too busy to  make their shopping you can do it online or in person for them. Anything that saves time to a busy folk brings value.

TaskRabbit is a good place to start, but again you can tell people about your services using social media or  Google ads. Ask your neighbours, or your community centre what they need.

7) Sell unwanted stuff

This side hustle is classic. Check your wardrobe and you’ll find plenty of stuff you never use. Take a couple of good pictures and go to E-bay or any other selling platform. You can also re-sell stuff.

Some guys sell stuff through Instagram and Facebook. Go for a platform that suits your needs. Amazon, has its own set of rules. The great advantage is you can reach more people. On the other hand, selling through Amazon is not so quick and easy as E-bay.

Alternatives to E-bay and Amazon:








8) Create your product

Said you make a face scrub and your friends love it. You can market it to the public. Another example, your jams are super delicious maybe there are people out there who can buy them.

Obviously you’re the first customer, you know it’s good, you know the ingredients you believe in the product. Here an important factor is to use it yourself, why? Because, you know the market quite well. The owner of Patagonia started selling climbing gear he couldn’t find anywhere else.

He  knew the product very well. He was the first customer.

However, you could try a random product and it turns out to be a great idea!

The key here is to try.


These ideas, need very little investment, experiment with what you’ve got.

This is the beauty of internet you can literally start anything, spread the word and see how it works in not time. Start now.

You think I missed something? Do you have a brilliant idea? Leave a comment in the comment section below.

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