5 Places to see in Brighton



This seaside town at only one hour away from London is the perfect spot for a break from

the busy streets of the capital.

Brighton is known for being a cultural hub for artists, intellectuals, makers and lovers of all kinds.

All year-long, there are plenty of things to do and see.


Here I share my favourites:


Brighton Pier: This is one of the city landmarks. Brighton wouldn’t be Brighton without its pier. Built in 1899, there were originally two eastern and western; but the western pier collapsed in a fire remaining only the structure.

The pier is full of entertainment. The classic wheel at the entrance is followed by slot machines and cars games all along the path. You can also enjoy some classic food and yes there is plenty of sweets to stuff yourself while having fun!

The views to the Atlantic sea are priceless.

Royal Pavilion: The Prince George summer lodge had seen the most extravagant parties back in the days. Now an Oriental style Museum surrounded by beautiful gardens is a must see.

Located at the heart of the city, the Royal Pavilion holds numerous exhibitions, conferences, fairs and celebrations.  Guide tours are available for the more curious.

The Lanes: The shopping district par excellence; you can find all the alternative stuff you always wanted but couldn’t get it. Well-known brands mix with local art and crafts.

Small independent coffee shops welcome visitors with a hot mocha or a refreshing frappe.

Don’t forget that many creatives choose to live in Brighton, freelancers with their laptops stop by in the coolest places. Living and breathing creativity it’s also for amateurs.


brighton-slitsight-2 brighton-slitsight-2


 Duke of York Cinema: the only cinema of the early days that is still operating. The screen titles are outside Hollywood blockbusters, that’s why it’s on this list. Where else are you going to find such a cosy place screening the finest indie movies of the year?

Preston Park: if the seaside is the main tourist attraction the green fields are equally worthy.  Plenty of green to scroll down or to stop for a picnic.

Preston Park is one of the many parks that beautify the city.

There are hundred, thousand of cool places to see, here I’m giving you the main ones. But this city has so much to explore that you’ll leave wanting to come back.


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