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I love WordPress, this site is made on WordPress. Ever since I migrated my old blog to WordPress I fell in love with this platform. I think the flexibility factor is huge. WordPress allows users to add widgets, experiment, change colours, design, and repeat as many times as you want.

The whole experience is very intuitive. Besides, you don’t need to know anything about code. These days tons of website builders  allow you to build a website without touching a line of code. You only need to compare packages, choose a nice template and in matter of minutes you’ve a website up and running.

The idea is making it easy for the average consumer who doesn’t know anything about code. Although, while it’s cool to have options, it can be confusing to choose the right plan.

WordPress main competitor is Square Space. Google products may be nice, but they have terrible customer service.

So why not choose something smaller, that feels more like your school friends giving you advice.

You  want to build a portfolio or e-commerce website I got you covered with this list.

 5  Newish Website Builders

Webs: this is a company that started in 2001 in Maryland. Two brothers in their last year of university realised there wasn’t an easy option out there. To build a website you had to pay a developer or learn how to code.

So they built Webs a drag and drop platform thought for non programmers.

In 2011 Web was acquired by Vista Print one of the biggest print companies in the world.

The good thing is that Web keeps in mind their initial average consumer who doesn’t know  programming but wants a nice website. In addition, Vista Print helps with the physical side of marketing..

What about the plans? they have a starter plan of $5.99 a month with a free customer domain and 1GB storage. The enhance plan costs $12.99 and the pro $22.99.

This is for anyone who wants to make a portfolio website or a small e-commerce site. They’ve plenty of themes and community support. Pro packages get 24/7 online technical support.


Jimdo: The company started in 2007 in an ” old barn at the back of a house in Germany” by three school friends.  Right now the company has around 200 employees and offices in Tokyo and San Francisco.

Jimdo seems to have a pretty cool work culture, and the website is a reflection of that. A funky style meets minimalism.

What about the plans? they have a free plan, you have to use their extension, it comes with 500 MB storage. Next plan costs $5 Jimdo Pro comes with 5GB storage, free domain and e-mail account.

The folowing plan costs $25 Jimdo Business comes with unlimited storage, free domain and business e-mail package.


Weebly: the company was founded in 2007 in San Francisco by three college friends, classic story!

They have many themes and an app section which I guess works like WordPress widgets. Some apps are free and other costs a small fee.

What about the plans? The basic plan is free, it comes with Weebly sub-domain and 500 MB storage plus Weebly ads, well is not a plus, but…The next plan cost £5 it has unlimited storage, your own domain and not ads. The following prices are £8 per month Pro plan and £17  Business plan.

These plans apart of unlimited storage have the option of adding video, audio and membership registration in their websites.


Wix: this is another drag and drop platform founded in 2006 in Israel by three friends. No kidding, it looks like college friends are good teams for business.

They have tons of templates, and customer support. I was a bit ambivalent about this platform, but  I think they’ve improved  a lot over the years.

What about the plans? they have a free plan that comes with 500MB storage and a Wix sub-domain. The premium plan comes with 50 GB storage, your own domain, Google analytics and customer support.

The drag and drop option is very easy to use, you can add apps to your website and they have plenty of ready made templates.


Simbla: this is a website and app builder. Funded in 2013 in Israel by a group of old-school programmers.

What about the plans? Simbla has many options, the free plan is a 60 days trial with 300 MB storage and Simbla sub-domain. The next plan costs $6 per month, comes with 1 GB and your own domain. Next level plans costs $12 per month with 3 GB storage capacity,  $24 with 10 GB and $48 with 20 GB storage.

Websites are already SEO optimised. There are many templates, icons and website apps to add to your website.The app builder is a pretty cool feature.

This is my list. What do you think? Do you have a  favourite platform?

I really hope it helps with your next project. Do you want to know a bit more about these sites? leave a comment in the comments section below.

Good luck with your project!


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