5 Meditation Apps To Turbocharge Your Life

5 meditation apps to turbocharge your life

In the old days if you wanted to meditate you just needed to put music on, sit, close your eyes and relax. Hoping clarity will manifest with few breaths.

Today’s  technology  can  help you channel your inner Zen master. How is that even possible? I know what you’re thinking, we want to disconnect right? I promise, technology can help you erase anxiety in few steps. This time digital addiction comes with a good side effect.

You only need time to experience powerful changes, consistency is the mother of all skills.  To speed the process I made this list.

5 Meditations Apps to Turbocharge your Life



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Calm: is an iOS and Android app which runs on a subscription basis. The free option is quite limited only 7 days of Calm.

The good thing about this app is the huge library. It comes with sleep time stories, kids stories, ASMR sounds, nature essays and sleep music. To use all the good stuff you’ll have to pay the subscription $4.99 per month is the cheapest, paid annually.

Calm app covers various topics to work on such as anxiety, sleep, self-esteem amongst other  21 in total. The blog section has tons of mindfulness tips to get your brain hooked on the positive side of things.


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Buddhify: for Android and iOS. It costs $ 1.99 for Android and $3.99 for iOS. The design has a multi-colour roulette divided in various colours. Each colour represents an activity, such as walking, waiting on a queue, eating, etc. There is a track for every section, 80 in total.

The app has a cello track recorded by Peter Nicholson a cellist of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra.

I’m sure you’ll relax when you hear that.


Meditation apps

Stop, Breath and Think: This app is for Android, iSO and the web. It’s free and it comes with a  list of guided meditations. It also has a self timer and a progress bar.

The interface is beautifully designed. There is a list on the benefits of daily meditation. It has also a Slack community interface to practice group meditation, a kids section, a shop, and a blog.

Besides, they donate 10% of their revenue to Tools for Peace an organisation dedicated to help youth through meditation.

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The mindfulness app: Free for Android and iSO, this app comes with several guided meditations from 3 to 30 minutes. Few tracks are free, but to have full access you have to pay $10.33.

You can save your favourite meditations, track your time and score challenges for your records. There is also a journal section with tons of content for those interested in get daily motivational tips.

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Headspace: you can download the app in Android or iSO for free and start to use the basic features. However, if you want to go deeper it will cost you something like $80 per year. The app has a section for kids, a blog, a forum and several guided meditations to keep you relax.

There is also a science baked explanation on the benefits of meditation. Plus, a link with a research proposal partnership for those interested in going a bit further.


These apps can help in your journey to meditation. However, the practice itself it’s quite simple. I’m not a master, but meditation is about taking the time to breath and relax. And you don’t need much to start with!

Do you meditate? What’s your favourite app? Leave me a comment in the comment section bellow if your favourite app is not in the list.

Made with Love xx

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