15 Stunning Portfolio Websites

portfolio websites


Portfolio websites are a great way of showing your work. It has two obvious pros: clients can easily find you and all the best work is kept in one place. You may wonder what portfolio website suits my needs.

I know, different creatives have different needs. Musicians may want to streamline their tunes, if you’re a photographer a simple responsive website to show your work is more than enough. Thankfully, there is something for every profession.

Today, I’m going to show you various templates from a range of website builders not only WordPress. Some people use SquareSpace because they find it more straightforward, so I’ve included few SquareSpace templates as well. Let’s dive in.

                            15 Stunning Portfolio Websites



Lucia Balcazar is an illustrator and print-maker based in Boston, she makes amazing paper flowers and other cool craft. Her website is simple, yet beautiful. Everything you need to know is right on the front page.portfolio website


  Jessica Pettway is a visual artist living  in New York. Her style is very unique. She’s a big fan of bright colours and impossible compositions. This website is like a gallery.

website portfolio


 Polina is a photographer doing fashion, editorial and commercial work somewhere in the North of Europe. She has worked with many different brands and media outlets.This website is a bit more sophisticated and there is a little animation with her name at the top.
portfolio website made with squarespace



Sike! is a DJ from Buffalo, New York. The landing page has a vinyl playing. Click enter and you will get to his bio, gigs, tunes and other colourful sections. The website blends various flashing colours with music and photographs.

weebly portfolio website


Turn to Page 84 is an illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada. She has worked in a number of projects with well-known brands. The website displays her work  and a mini bio with a self portrait next to it. The website uses scrolling to showcase her work, so instead of the classic pagination you have to scroll down to find out more about her projects.

weebly websites


Leo Edwards Photography:  A photographer specialising in portrait and environmental photography. His website is an online portfolio. Super simple, and the photographs speak for themselves.

weebly portfolio website



Felice Vagabonde Illustration  a visual artist based in Berlin. The collection of work is pretty big, and there is short video explaining the process. The drawings are full width and the website has various sections where you can find other arty stuff.

jimdo sites


Peter Bartles an artist based in Germany doing all kind of  jobs from commercials, video games to websites and everything in between. The  site uses wide angle pics and a simple menu, to be honest you don’t need more.



Von Heubach Design a cartoonist website. His drawings are all on the landing page, you only need to scroll down to discover his amazing work.

portfolio website



Neatshinyowl Anthony is a photographer who captures the light like nobody else. He’s based in the United States and has an extensive portfolio. The website is very straightforward you can book a session with him in matter of minutes.


wix websites



Leyda she’s a make-up artist based in New York, with many years of experience in TV and print magazines. Her brushstrokes go from subtle to more dramatic. This website is clear and user-friendly, you don’t need a complicated design to show your work.

wix websites


Chase O’Donnell    is a writer,comedienne, and actress. Her website is full of videos, gigs and general information. There is a CV section describing her previous experience and plenty of videos to catch up with her. Videos don’t slow down the site, everything is very smooth and the card layout is quite trendy on website design.

wix sites




Julian Weidenthaler is a designer, and web-developer based in Austria. The grey background is perfect to showcase his work. He won numerous prizes and has a many years of experience.  He specialise on app design, editorial and of course web design.

wordpress sites


Mike Ingham is a front-end developer and designer based in the UK, he’s all about responsive design and beautiful images.

wordpress sites


Carles Palacio is a photojournalist based in Girone, Spain. His site is super fresh, and the user interface simple, but dynamic. His images have appeared in various well-known publications. The  b&w picture works well with the red icons.

portfolio WordPress site



As you can see there are many website builders that can help you to create a portfolio website.  Drag and drop websites are hot at the moment. I guess is because they’re easy to set and manage, you don’t need  technical background to build a portfolio website. Besides, you can always add plugins, forms, video or music.

Do you have a favourite portfolio website? Did you have to make one from scratch?  Leave a comment in the comment section below.


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