10 Unconventional Blog Niches



I read a forum the other day,  someone was complaining about the tech niche being too saturated. I thought for sure tons of unconventional blogs owners would shout ….  look around!

In some places though the tech niche is quite hot, in others not so much. It depends on the country you’re based. In the UK   fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, fitness and travel are the most popular niches.

But I think it doesn’t matter if your niche choice is too popular, as long as you have a sparkle for  what you’re writing.

Besides, you  keep changing so does your blog. I started my blog talking about photography.

After I began to get my hands dirty into the tech aspect of blogging, I  developed a kind of love for all things tech. It’s was a natural progression to follow that path, after all our blogs are a reflection of our lives. There is not point in talking about food if I can hardly cook scramble eggs.

Because you write a lot, better write about something you find interesting. Having said that, it’s always inspiring to find blogs in other niches. For this reason I made this list.


Here 10 unconventional blogs for some inspiration


Global Street Art: it’s a global graffiti art blog, based in London with an international outlook.

They support graffiti artists from all over the world. The blog displays mural art, interviews, tours, a shop and workshops for those looking to learn a bit more about street art.

I love the site is so inspirational, you can find well-known artists and get ideas for your next wall paper. Hopefully one day will look like one of those.

Moss Room: based in Copenhagen this blog is about interior design. You can check cosy Danish  interiors, in case you’re looking to redecorate your house.

The site is  stylish, has many pictures and a cool design. You can translate to English, but if you’re looking for inspiration pics don’t need translator.

You’re going to fall in love with all the details, walls and green corners.

Street Style Aesthetic: remember street style blogs? they were a boon a while back, some still strong.  This one stands out for its simplicity.

It focuses on random people in the streets, rather than high fashion events. The photographer behind this blog lived in Jamaica, there he started to document the street style of a growing dance hall scene.

Street Art News: another blog about graffiti art. Founded in 2009 it has grown into a established voice in the world of graffiti art. Well curated almost like an online gallery .

They feature artists’ works, things for sale, interviews, videos, retrospectives and an endless stream of good art.

Political Scrapbook:  as the name suggests this blog is about politics, news affairs, events and everything in between.

The site features articles on events happening in UK. An independent platform for political views. Because it’s a blog, you can be sure opinions don’t abide any ideology, independent voices yeah! we need more of that.

The Middle Finger Project: run by Ashley Ambirge this blog is about life, business and the business of life. Funny, blunt and straight to the point.

She challenges the status quo right from the start with her unconventional writing style. You can guess by the name of the blog.

Want to read  honest stories? You can check her book or the group she manages” girls talk club”. Her personal story is also very inspiring.

Exile Lifestyle: Colin Wrigh is the man behind this blog. A full-time traveller, writer, brand builder and piano learner.

Tired of conventional living, he got rid of his stuff and went on a quest to discover the world.  His readers chose the next stop. He visited Argentina, Iceland, India, New Zealand and the list keeps growing.

Tynan: at first I couldn’t figure out what this site was about. Then reading a bit I realised it was about life and personal development.

Tynan travels in his van with few things. He does coaching and manages multiple creative projects. The curious thing, is the fact he built the platform by himself, I mean the whole platform. The style and feel of the blog is quite unique. Plus, Tynan seems to be embracing life full on.

What Should I Eat for Breakfast:  Marta Greber is a food lover/writer based in Berlin. The blog shows beautiful pictures, recipes and cities guides.

It’s minimalist and you can discover dishes you didn’t know exist. In addition, you can follow her  family adventures around the world. A different food blog.

Dummy: music blog/website, Dummy was created by Jockey Slut magazine founders. When the magazine venture was over Paul Benney and John Burges  turned to internet for a new creation and Dummy was born.

The site features music remixes, reviews, photo essays, videos and super fresh stuff. You can see their visual style  goes with the type of music they support. Plenty of underground beats for creatives.


As you can see not two blogs are the same, even if the niche is the same, vision and style are diverse.

It’s good to integrate things you think are cool. At the end is your blog, it should reflect your personal taste.

What’s more, as you evolve sections of your blog will evolve too. Niches will collide with other niches. The Whole blogging experience will keep changing. Don’t panic, this is very common.The true is your passion changes so will your blog.

Did you enjoy the list? know another cool blog? Let me know in the comments bellow.

Happy blogging!