10 Plugins WordPress Users Love

10 WordPress plugins

If you’re a WordPress user you may have thought this. How many plugins you can add to your site before all crush? When I first started I downloaded far too many. Soon I realised there was a way of making things simpler.

Plugins are useful for a specific function, this is what makes WordPress popular. Although, they can make a huge difference, you don’t need many. You only need the right ones for the smooth running of your site.

I’m not an expert, but these plugins can save you a lot of headhakes.

1o WordPress Plugins we Love:


1  Yoast: at this point we all heard about the benefits of knowing  SEO, but if there was a plugin to make your life better, wouldn’t you use it? Yoast helps to choose the tittle, meta-tags, cornerstone content, key words and so on. It has a colour system that tells the SEO score before you send the article out to the world.

They have a free version which allows one key word check. The paid version comes with more features such as 24/7 support, content insights, Facebook and Twitter previews and readability score test.


2 Google Analytics: if SEO is important to get higher in search engines, Google Analytics will determine those areas that need to improve. You can track your most visited posts, the countries visitors come from, devises, bounce rate, time per session and so on. The Pro version gives more detailed information on engagement rates.

This Analytic tool provides data month by month, so you can see where you need to work. There are other platforms similar to Google Analytics, such as Ptengine which is very useful to track your visitors.

You decide which one works better for you. If you’ve a humble blog like this one, you don’t need a lot.


W3 Total Cache: this is a performance plugin that helps speed up your site. It deletes all cache modules, minify scripts and helps with the general running of the site.

Even if you have a small site, you will need this plugin at some point. This is an open source plugin and the extended version comes with more features for extra speed.


MailChimp Opt in Form: I tried many opt-in forms with various results, at the moment I’m using Mail Chimp opt-in form.

You can add a widget into your page with page builder and customise your opt in form to your needs. If you want more specific features you’ve to pay extra. The good thing is you pay for what you use. For beginners, the free options is just right.

You can track your conversions, send auto responder e-mails and synchronise your contact list with the e-mail list to send beautiful e-mails.


5 Page Builder: this is for flexibility, sometimes you want to add widgets or create pages that don’t look all the same.

Page builder gives you plenty of options, you can design your own landing page, or use ready-made layouts. This is perfect to make custom pages or for pre-selling stuff.


6 UpdraftPlus: this is a backup plugin that allows to keep a copy of your blog in another platform such as Drop Box, Google Drive or their own service, in case something happens.

It’s easy to install, you need to set the frequency of the backups and where you want to keep your folders.


Revision Control: this plugins gives you the option of deleting old copies of your post. Each time you write something, WordPress keeps a draft in the system. Edit your articles several times and you end up with many versions of the same post.

Revision control purges those revisions and keeps the ones you need. This is handy to keep the site clean from unwanted copies + helps reducing loading time.


8 Pirate Forms: Pirate forms allows to create a contact or submission forms in few minutes. Have you seen those websites where you have to leave your contact details? Probably they used a ready made form.

This plugin makes it super simple to get contact details. You can customise the info you want and the style of the form. It comes with ReCapcha to make sure the e-mail submitted is authentic.


Download Manager: this is to download digital files or images. You can sell digital files or simply allow users to download PDF or images.

It’s secured with ReCatcha. You can add terms and conditions, customise your setting and track your downloads. There are plenty of other options with the pro version. If you want something simple to share your digital files this plugins is the right one.


10 BuddyPress: this is the only one I’m not using. I’m thinking about installing it, just taking my time.This platform integrates comments into your posts.

It also allows to create private groups, custom profiles and build a community around your blog. It makes the whole blogging experience more interactive. It’s free and compatible with most themes.


These are some of my top WordPress plugins, but there are many more. It all depends on your site and you needs, there is a plugin for almost anything . Most of the plugins mentioned here are free.

Pro options come with different payment plans. The idea is to test first to see how it works. Then go for the pro version.

You may don’t need the pro version at all, this is fine too. I’ve been using free plugins for some time and I’m happy with the results. You’ve to experiment, and find what works for you.

I hope this helps, leave me a comment in the comment section below. If you have any question or not sure about something.