10 Freelancing Myths



Hey people I hope you have a great beginning of the year! I’m coming back super fresh with some cool ideas for this blog, so stay tuned.Today I want to talk about the myths of being a freelancer. Even though I love  working for myself, there are many many many…. freelancing myths. Obviously, I’m talking from my own personal experience. But I feel the need to talk about the pros and cons of being a freelancer. I hope this article brings clarity. If you’re thinking on freelancing or you’re a freelancer read this.


                                             10 Freelancing Myths



1-You are your own boss: while this in part is true, being a freelancer is all about having a number of clients. You don’t have a boss breathing over your neck, but several clients constantly contacting you and that my friend is like having a bunch of managers. The good thing is that you can always say no to a project.

2-Freelancers work less: I really wish this was true! But at the beginning you’re constantly working. Because, there is not set working hours like those boring office jobs, you run the show. You’re the creative, the accountant, the marketer and the sales person and doing all these takes time. The good news once the snowball starts rolling you can outsource the most painful stuff.

3-Freelancers work in their pajamas: Freelancers get into a flow state in a comfy desk pumping caffeine all day long. And yeah as cool as it sounds being able to jump into your desk without all the commuting and useless waiting at some random train station is great. Still  at some point the need for human interaction will start to creep in. Luckily there are hundreds of network groups for people just like you.

4-Freelancers have the freedom to incorporate what they’ve learned:   Quite often clients don’t want to experiment with new tools, they want what they want. Sometimes the project could look unsexy and boring, but remember you’re working for a client. It doesn’t matter how cool you think the latest gif is; it may don’t have anything to do with the project and that’s fine keep that trick in your sleeve for your side projects.

5-You can pursue your own side projects:  This is one of the reasons why I began freelancing; being able to pursue my own projects is priceless. Besides, freelancing can spark one’s creativity given that not two projects are the same and we’re constantly experimenting.  Yes there is a high price to pay and that is months of uncertainty. Make sure you keep  developing your skills even in the darkest times.

6-Freelancing is easy: if working for yourself was easy everyone would do it. There will be times when you’re going to feel frustrated, you may wonder why you are here in the first place. As I said before income is very unstable, we all get clients from hell and at some point or another the unexpected comes in the form of a broken laptop hours before a deadline! Conversely, when a client is happy with your work or someone come your way purely by word of mouth, means you must be doing something right. So, freelancing has many ups and downs, but it can be very rewarding.

7-It’s easy to get clients on board: The myth build it and they will come is just a myth. At least at the beginning you’ll have to tell people what you do and network like mad. The only way to get clients on board is going out there and telling people about your service. Luckily social media, met ups, referrals, friends, family, strangers and everything in between will help you along the way.

8-Endless creative inspiration will fill your days: Some days will be super smooth and other days you’ll stare at the screen more than usual. A digital detox is key to renew the energy. Usually, when I go out to nature I come back more inspired, make sure you take time for yourself.

9-Freelancers work in a sunny beach far from dusty desks: The picture everyone has in their mind of a cool guy  working with a laptop in a paradisaical location is very far from reality. First, a laptop wouldn’t survive more than 30 minutes in a paradisaical beach, sand and water are every laptop enemy. Second, it’s very hard to work with the sun in your face. Third, is very unlikely a beach has all the electric equipment to indulge in a freelance project. So that’s a picture someone created to feed the collective imagination but it’s just not real.

10- You are protected against dubious clients: unfortunately freelancers don’t have  the advantages of someone working in an office. This means you’re responsible for reminding clients payment is due. There’ll be times when clients will suffer amnesia so you’ll have to contact them several times. I’d suggest choosing your clients wisely,  you don’t want to go through painful situations. I know is hard especially at the beginning but follow your guts if something tells you the project is not right probably the project is not for you.




As you can see the myths of being a freelancer may sound a bit negative, but I really wanted to be honest with you. Still, you don’t have to go all in, start little by little building your client base. Don’t fall into the trap of believing everything will turn out just like those images we see on internet, this is simply not true. But again if you are a creative better to follow your instincts and try working for yourself than being in a job you don’t like just for the sake of a steady pay check. I know it’s intense, but you could half compromise and start building you career on the side. Who knows maybe it turns out to be the best decision you ever make!


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