10 Best Free Stock Photo Sites

free stock photo sites

I used to take  a ton of  photos, but quite often, I don’t have the time to go through my library and find a cool pic that fits well with the text. I rather go to a photo library. But, it can be very frustrating to spend hours trying to find the perfect pic. And when you finally find it, it’s copyright locked. Thankfully, there are few sites that can help you to get the perfect pic in no time.

I could give you a list of 80+ photo sites, but to be honest you don’t need that many. I’m going to give you the sites I think have the best photo stock. You can download the pics and use them wherever you want, not capture is needed. Very handy for content producers like us. You can give the name of the photographer, to help him or her get more exposure.


                               10 Free Stock Photo Sites

free stock photo sites


1 LibreShoot: LibreShoot is a collection of free photos for personal and commercial use. All the images have the public domain license. Which means you can use them in blogs, commercial websites, social media, and print material, not attribution is needed.

The site has various categories like people, buildings, business, and flowers.  The cool thing about this photo library is you can edit the pics on the go with their image editor Picozu. You can add text, filters or just resize the pic before download. Martin Vorel is the man behind this site from Czech Republic with ❤️ .


2 Picography: This photo library was created by Irish digital agency Hidden Depth. The layout is simple and clear. You can download the pics right away. Not caption is needed, all the pics are high quality.

If you want to access their premium collection there is a fee $15 per month. Picography is minimalist and super easy to navigate. You can find landscapes, portraits, nature pics, and more collections.


3 Stocksnap: Another cool resource to find copyright free photos. They update the library regularly and if you’re a photographer you can submit your photos anytime. I’ve used this site for many of my projects.

All photos are high quality and their have an extensive  category section from business to seaside pics. Photos are very easy to download, and  the site is super top-notch. Thumbs up for these guys.


4 PicJumbo: This site was created by designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek in 2013 and it has grown substantially ever since. To access the premium collection you have to pay $10 per month.

All the pictures are taken by Viktor, which guarantees, not copyright issues. There is an extensive number of categories and all the photos are high quality. He even coded the site himself.


5 StockPic: Created by Photographer Ed Gregory not so long ago. StockPic has consistently grown into a huge library with hundred of photos. The site started as a side project and now is turning into a proper stock  site.

All the pics are taken by Ed. He is planning to use the revenue from the ads to pay photographers to bring more images for the site exclusive use. There is a lot of thought and creativity. All the pics are high quality and taken by a professional. And this is only the beginning.


6 Unsplash: Probably the most popular stock photo site. With an impressive collection of thousand of pics. All the photos are free not attribution is needed, although they do appreciate credits.

They stock over 200.000 high quality pics, and they have an active community of photographers sharing their best photos, commenting and hosting meet ups. They started as a Tumblr blog in 2013 and have become the site of reference for designers and digital publishers.


7 Pexels: All the pics here hold the creative Commons 0 license which means  they are free to use anywhere. Besides, you can upload your own pics. They have a huge library with many categories.

All the pics are high definition, they also have a mini collection of wallpapers for your desktop. Bruno Joseph and Ingo Joseph founded this site in 2104 and Daniel Frese Joined them in 2015. A cool feature, the free short video library.


8 ISO Republic: Founded by Tom Eversley a designer and photographer from south of England. All the photos are high resolution. There are tons of categories, the site is user friendly and pics are high quality.

ISO Republic has over 2. 500 free images and is developing into the place to go for bloggers, designers and creatives. They have recently launched Foodie Factor a partner site which specialises in food photography.


9 Freerangestock: This site has people, industry, food, music, interiors, and many more pics. They’ve partnered with Shutterstock, so bear in mind not all the photos are free.

Also, there is a submission section for photographers where they can upload their pics and participate in a revenue share system. Not the most clear website, but you can find decent pics for your projects.


10 Pixabay: This is a huge site with many cool features like a members forum, a blog and a category based on the cameras used to take the pics. Plus, photographers can upload their pics and build a portfolio. Photographs are high quality and ready to use for personal and commercial purposes.

They  have a mini video section, vector graphics and illustrations. And the “editors choice” section shows the best pics of the week. This site is huge, and they seem to grow fast.


As you can see there are tons of  free stock photos sites. I’ve used some of them and I can tell you these websites can save you a hell of a lot of time+ frustrations. Photo libraries are constantly updated by the owners, and most of them are professional photographers.

You can rest  assured your photos are high quality and copyright free. Creatives, designers, bloggers and online publishers need quality photos on a daily basics, demand is constant. Likely, there are places like these ones, we can choose and download a pic in seconds.


Did you enjoyed this post? Do you use stock photos sites, if so which ones are your favourites? Leave a comment in the comment section below. I really hope it helps!


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